Suzanne Cavalier-Dorsett’s approach to working with clients is based on the assumption that all people have the strengths and inner resources to dig deep in finding the answers to their suffering. Suzanne will compassionately guide you along in this maze, helping you to find ways to alleviate the suffering or pain you are feeling. By asking creative, thoughtful and provoking questions and allowing your feelings to come up, when you feel comfortable, the answers will naturally surface. Together we will generate new possibilities for a new way of being. Suzanne works collaboratively with clients to develop a new awareness of the old story and then allowing a new story to emerge, resulting in healing and new perceptions. Suzanne’s counseling style is supportive, gentle when needed, firm when necessary and safe to allow you to explore the crevices of your mind to open up new possibilities. Her counseling techniques include Rogerian, trauma work, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, supportive counseling, narrative therapy, systems therapy and mindfulness. Suzanne provides family therapy, couples counseling, parenting advice, training and support, women’s groups, groups for estranged parents, trauma resolution and mindfulness meditation.

The range of Suzanne’s services include individual therapy for all age groups including, adolescents, adults and the elderly. In addition, she will do educational consults for parents whose kids are struggling with various school issues. Suzanne is also trained in Postpartum depression and was a doula in New Mexico, trained by Pam England in 2003 after the birth of her son. Suzanne has also worked extensively with the military abroad and here in the U.S. She has supported military members and their families.

She is certified in trauma work and has been working and training as a therapist for 35 years. She graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1986 and has practiced with many diverse backgrounds, religions, cultures and in many different settings. As a result, she is well versed in doing therapy with many issues. She also feels it is important to keep up with current trends in the field and evidence based research in health and wellness along with the brain and behavior. 

As a Clinical Social Worker, Suzanne does not prescribe medications. She will refer to a psychiatrist if it is indicated that you need medication.

Please call to see if she can help with your particular need as her experience encompasses many areas that may not have been listed here.

Suzanne does in-person therapy. She does home visits for a few populations that may be homebound. In addition, she can do telehealth.

Feel free to call 480-262-6078  if you would like to determine if your specific concerns are something Suzanne feels competent to address.

Individual Therapy

Whether meeting in person, by phone, telehealth or in a home, you will feel welcome, seen and heard. As with all clients, I will do a thorough assessment of your presenting issues. I will discuss your strengths, and we will examine what has worked for you in your life. I will follow your lead in the awareness that you know what you need to work on in therapy. If you don’t know, then we will discover it together. I will help you to dig deep into the problem and guide you into new discoveries of self and new solutions to long term problems. You will develop a new way of coping and handling the problems that cause you pain or confusion. Together we will navigate the path that will bring a resolution and a new way of being that works for you. I work with women, men, couples, teenagers, families and children. I have worked in many different settings that allow me to navigate a variety of issues. I have lived and worked all over the world and understand cultural differences. Some specialty areas are adjustments in life, anxiety, depression, educational issues, family dynamics, grief, parenting and teen issues. If you are looking for a seasoned, experienced therapist to help you work through the struggles of life please call to set up an appointment at 480-262-6078.

In counseling relationships, we will explore and identify your strengths. We will examine family of origin issues by finding the patterns that became the norm for your relationships and what you bring into the partnership. In addition, we will discuss and manage stressors that you may be dealing with. Relationship counseling, whether it is pre-engagement, marriage or same sex partnership, is hard work and part of this is understanding and appreciating differences. Suzanne will make it safe for both parties to talk about fears and concerns, helping you to understand the relationship patterns you feel stuck in. We will explore communication patterns and help you to create more intimacy and connection. Exploring your life values and differences as well as commonalities will lead to developing shared goals and common values. Suzanne will guide the process while you explore your relationship in a trusting environment.

Relationship Issues

Family Therapy

Suzanne is trained in family therapy. She will work with the whole family bringing each member into increasingly healthier communication where each member is seen and heard. It can be a complicated maze for the family to deal with alone; Suzanne will help them to unravel the knots and help them make sense of their journey. It is important that the family gain a deeper level of awareness and that the true issues come forward to help the family heal. Through hard work they will begin to build a new story that allows each person to forgive and heal when they are ready. Lightness may begin to surface as they learn to communicate and forgive followed by acceptance.

Suzanne works with a multitude of problems in families such as marital issues effecting the children, teens who are angry and acting out, and transitions such as deaths, divorces and moving. If one family member does not want to come to counseling, it will not have any impact on the success of the family therapy. Family therapy has a domino effect on every family member whether they are present in counseling or not. There will be a shift.

Please call for a free consultation if you need to learn more.

Children and teens are also two other age groups that Suzanne works with. She has worked in schools, daycares, after school programs and preschools and has a good understanding of the issues that surface for parents. In addition, she taught the Nurturing program in the military, increasing parenting skills and confidence. She is also aware of the biases schools carry in educating girls and boys and looks closely at a child’s temperament, likes and dislikes and their emotional needs in the environment to come up with the best plan of action with the parents. She will evaluate the situation thoroughly to help parents prevent any future problems. Suzanne assesses for any developmental or emotional issues and also looks at the strengths of the child to build upon for future successes.

Children and Teens

Grief Counseling

Grief counseling offers support, insight and relief from a major loss. We are often thrown into grief with confusion, shock and disbelief resulting in a lack of balance and grounding. Everything that was familiar and comforting is now foreign and our next steps feel awkward in a landscape that is now unknown and unfamiliar. Grief is complicated and we all have our own time, feelings and experiences with our losses. There is no map in navigating the new terrain. It is normal to feel doubt and confusion but it can also bring opportunity that was never expected. Suzanne respects each person’s timing in their grief and will hold your feelings compassionately while listening to the stories and the sadness to help you move forward. Suzanne will help you navigate the new terrain and give you tools to heal. Suzanne works with all individuals and children who have lost a parent. In addition, she works with those who are grieving the loss of their health through illness, those who are mourning the loss of a child, a job or a pet.

Group therapy is a unique way to work with clients that provides support, commonality and the feeling that one is not alone. It reduces loneliness and isolation, a common cause of depression. Many people hate groups and fear being put on the spot in front of others. Some think that is a place where people just complain, never moving forward in their problems. Suzanne will guide the group slowly and respectfully always monitoring comfort levels and helping everyone to resolve problems by experimenting with new ways of being. You will see progress.

Suzanne has two groups that she is planning late spring:

1. Parents who have been estranged by their adult children

2. Women who have been in abusive relationships. I will not have more than eight people in a group.

Please call if interested

Therapy Group starting

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

For Parents of Estranged Adult Children

This is a weekly 90 minute therapy group held in Tempe providing support, encouragement and compassion to parents who are dealing with one of the most painful and confusing situations. It is for parents who have been distanced or rejected by their adult children creating feelings of bewilderment, confusion, anxiety or depression. This group will allow time for members to share, grieve, receive support and guidance and the needed resources to move forward and heal.

For more information call: Suzanne Cavalier Dorsett LCSW


Group Therapy

Home Based Therapy

Suzanne provides home visits to the elderly who are homebound.This may be the one place they are most comfortable and happy. Home therapy will help restore hope, balance and decrease isolation and depression along with anxiety.

In addition, Suzanne provides therapy for students who are homebound due to medical conditions, social anxiety or other issues.Student support also can offer invaluable support to the family and act as a liaison with their home school.

For caregivers: Are you a burned out caregiver? Do you forget about what you need like water, eating well and exercise. You know the answer. Lets meet to also help you to care for yourself better.

Please call 480-262-6078 for more information.

Suzanne is available to parents who are struggling with their child or teens progress in school. Suzanne will look at the whole picture including what type of school your child attends paired up with their type disposition and personality. In addition, she attains a whole picture assessment to determine the reason for the school difficulties, making recommendations to parents within a few sessions. Call for more information or to attain a free 15 minute consultation.



Suzanne will meet with you on the phone for 15 minutes concerning your situation and answer your questions. Feel free to call to set up a time.

Credit cards, checks, cash or health savings accounts accepted. All payments must be made at time of session. All sessions must be canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.

15 Minute First Time Call Free

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